Saturday, 6 September 2014

A new approach to teaching Information Technology and Computing

The requirements of the revised National Curriculum have meant that we are updating the content and approach of our Information Technology (IT) and Computing curriculum. In line with our aim of making learning more creative and exciting for pupils, we have adopted a new set of IT topics for each year group.

We have been invited to trial a programme called 'Switched on Computing' and, at the same time, help to evaluate its effectiveness. You can find an outline of the projects, including their technological focus and the programs they may use, below. The projects (units) in each year group cover these areas:

• Programming
• Computational thinking
• Creativity
• Computer networks
• Communication and collaboration
• Productivity

Follow this link if you would like to find out more.

As well as using the existing hardware in our IT suite, we have begun to use our new LearnPads (tablet devices: click link for more information) to support both IT/Computing and wider learning. We will be telling you more about this in due course and will invite you to discover more about how technology is being used in school.