Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Day 1 at PGL

The children are all tucked up and asleep after a busy first afternoon at PGL. 

They started by setting up their rooms - some very successful bed making and exceptionally tidy rooms. 

After that they headed out for a game of ‘fishy fishy’ followed by a highly competitive hockey game. ( the girls giving the boys a run for their money) 

After a tour of the PGL sight and a delicious dinner of pork noodles, chicken goujons followed by sponge and custard they headed into the woods for ‘ambush’. 

Dresses in camouflage and Hiding in the woods with only a torch to guide their way the children huddled together trying to remain undetected from their peers for as long as they could without being discovered. 

With every one found- they headed back to their rooms for bed. All lights were out at 9:30 - a calm first night.