Friday, 20 April 2018

News from Year 5!

Another successful afternoon at PGL which saw the children complete ‘survivor’ and zip wire ( Mrs Johns especially, flying throughout the air at speed ! ) 

The children tried their hands at shelter building, tent peg making and fire starting. Some fantastic survival skills demonstrated by all. 

The children then moved on to Zip wire. In the baking afternoon sun the children had to scale a ladder then a tree to get to the launch platform- a challenge in itself. All thoroughly enjoyed zipping though the air ( with some needing a little encouragement at the start) 

Activities completed - it was time for tea- chicken pie and bolognese on the menu tonight- then back for a change of clothes and time to get glam for the disco. 

Stars of the day today were Lucy, Amelia, Nathan, Oliver and Edward- who all received the VIP treatment. 

After birthday cake and a song the children headed off for a boogie on the dance floor- complete with glow sticks. The teachers even tried to learn the ‘floss’!!

Very tired Bushy children headed back all discoed out - ready to pack their bags and settle down to sleep- their last night here.