Monday, 29 April 2019

Swimming Superstar

Congratulations for winning 5 Gold Medals at yesterday's Hart Swim Club meet.

He won the 50m backstroke, front crawl and breaststroke races as well as the 100m backstroke and front crawl.

An Olympic champion in the making!

Marathon Update

A huge congratulations to everyone who ran in yesterday's marathon including our very own Miss Furze and Mr Walsh.

Miss Furze finished in a remarkable 3 hours 5 minutes - what an inspiration!

Friday, 5 April 2019

Head Teacher Award Winners!

You should be very proud - such fantastic reasons your teachers have given.

Entrepreneurs - report from the organiser:

Once again, the young entrepreneurs of Bushy Hill proved to be highly impressive. 

We welcomed a huge Bushy Hill contingent (18 of the 64 participants). Each team proceeded to cover themselves in glory. 

FinZa Woodcraft’s Zak Gould and Finley Howarth took home the prize for Best Product - painted willow off-cuts (wands and walking sticks) that sold like hot cakes. The judges were deeply impressed at their creativity, knowledge and passion. They will make exceptional entrepreneurs. Finley even ventured to Eagle Radio to publicise his business. 

Other excellent Bushy Hill teams were: 
  • Made by Mollypops Poppy Hundley
  • The Rainbow Creators Zara Kabai, Isabelle Roberts, Elsa Thomson
  • Parker's designs Aimee-Rose Parker
  • Sophie’s Savings Solution Sophia Rousell
  • Buzz Pops Sophie Barnett
  • Morgan Makes Morgan Davies
  • Little Miss Moo Amelia Chesterfield
  • Lucy's Beauty Corner Lucy Rousell
  • Jumbo’s Shots Jemima Lenel
  • Fudge It Lola Cogbill
  • Squeeze The Day Esme Field
  • Freya & Lila Soap Products Freya Taylor, Lila Sawyer
  • Katie and Nola’s beauty palace Katie Van Aart, Nola Mare
  • Fluffy Monster Book Corners Ella Dawar
Lots of money was made and tons learned. Your crew are to be applauded. They are all truly amazing.

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Rocksteady - April 2019

We were treated to a fantastic concert yesterday - the children showed so much talent and progress since the last term.

A huge thank you to Luke (AKA Leaf) for all his hard work and good luck to him as he moves on.

Monday, 1 April 2019

Joseph Part I - The Community version!

We had a fantastic first performance on Saturday at St John's.  It was so lovely to have the support (and singing voices) of our community joined for the good of the children.

Thank you to everyone who was involved.

Spring Stars!