Wednesday, 27 August 2014

School blog and website updates

Dear all

Apologies for interrupting your holiday: I hope that you are enjoying a good one; I've just arrived back from much warmer weather in Crete!

I'm Chris Beazeley, the interim Headteacher from September, and I'd just like to say 'hello', as well as pass on a few messages to you. I will be contacting you again during the first week of term, if not before, to introduce myself properly, as well as tell you about all that's happening at Bushy Hill.

School blog

First of all, I'd like to let you know about a new form of communication that we will be using: our new school blog is located at and will, hopefully, become a welcome addition to the school's means of sharing information with our community. You will have had my message about this in July's newsletter, including an invitation to visit my old school blog at and a request to let me know if you do not wish your child's picture to appear on the blog. The St Mary's blog will give you a good sense of the blog content, including pictures of children.

Once term starts, you can expect to see new 'posts' published on most days, showing you what the children are doing in school, as well as other things. We will be using social media to let you know when a new post has been published. You can find and follow us on Facebook - Bushy Hill Junior at - and Twitter - - if you would like to receive notifications of new posts and be able to 'like' and comment on them. Please do!

If you are not one for social media, you can still visit the blog directly via the address, and all essential information will still be emailed or sent to you. Think of the blog as a 'nice to have' extra - hopefully, you'll come to agree that it is!

Website updates
  • Helping your child at home- this section is filled with the leaflets to support parents with how to guide home learning/support/extend
  • Curriculum tab has been fully updated. Summer Challenges for each year group can be found here. Reminder that a topic-based piece of home learning is due in on the first week back.
  • Year group curriculum information can be found here also: to inform parents of which topics will be studied throughout the year, as well as a breakdown of subjects

I hope that you enjoy what's left of your Summer!

Best wishes

Chris Beazeley