Sunday, 21 December 2014

Peer Mentor training

Around half of our Year 6 group undertook Peer Mentor training on Wednesday, in preparation for roles to begin in the new year. Our mentors will be there to support other pupils, primarily to resolve minor relationship issues and to be there as a support and reporting system for children who may be on the end of unkind behaviour - or even bullying.


We want children to have a range of people that they can talk to when they are worried about social (and other) issues at school and, in some cases, their peers will be an approachable, appropriate group.


As there were so many pupils interested in being Peer Mentors, we will either operate a rota system for when mentors are 'on duty' - although they can be approached at other times too - or we may interview the candidates for the core roles. We will discuss this further with the children on our return and there will also be follow-up training next term.


Thankyou to Denise Hannibal, our Area Schools Officer for Surrey, who conducted the training, supported by Jo Tutty, our Home-School Link Worker.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Headteacher Awards

Congratulations to the recipients of the awards that we issue each half term. These are for children who have really stood out over the term as excellent role models for their class. They can be relied upon to always try their best, to help out and support their peers.

Best wishes to Luke and family on their move to Australia.

Other award winners can be found in today's newsletter.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Christmas Hamper Winners

Following tonight's excellent Year 5 and 6 performance in the church, the draw was made for the wonderful PTA hampers.
The lucky winners are:

Lou Lenel (Barney)
Imelda Turnock
Dave, c/o Christian Jansen
Dawn Holberton
Jemma Thomson
Tanka Barnes
Ella M
Yasser Nicholson
Mia Gorton
Jo Rowland
Holly Mills
C Walliker
Dean Gale

Please call into school to collect your winnings.

Christmas dinner

Thankyou to the ladies in the kitchen for all of their hard work, yesterday and throughout the year - and to the staff for helping out serving Christmas dinner.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas performances at St John's church

Today, we held the rehearsals for Thursday night's performance of Children of the World (see some pictures below). This followed last night's excellent performance by Years 3 and 4 which was enjoyed by a very full church audience.

Regarding tomorrow night for Years 5 and 6, we would like parents to drop their children at the school hall - via the side doors - at 6pm and make their own way to the church. Staff will then escort children to the church in a way that we have risk assessed and practised today. Parents were, helpfully, escorting the younger children with us last night but the excess of adults made the road crossings different from that which the children were used to, leading to some confusion. We would ask, therefore, that parents do not walk alongside class lines on the way to church.

Parents are welcome to escort their children from the church after the performance, although staff will be happy - and expecting - to do so. Please join us for refreshments at the school, provided by the PTA, where the draw for the wonderful hampers will be made.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas panto in school

Scenes from Tuesday's performance.
Years 3 and 4 in the church tonight; party hats and/or decorations for Christmas lunch tomorrow.

Once upon a time....

....happy ever after

Monday, 15 December 2014

Stars of the Week

Well done to our last Stars of 2014!
To end this week and this term, there will be our second lot of Headteacher's Awards, given for consistent effort, application, attitude and good behaviour throughout the term. 


Saturday, 13 December 2014

Calling all Writers and Digital Leaders

If there are any prospective writers looking to develop their creative skills, I'm still hoping to receive your 100 Word Challenge entries today. (It can be sent to me later but entries on the 100wc site close at midnight).
Check the following post as a reminder and see Lizzie's great writing below; she has received almost 20 comments from around the world and UK! Perhaps you or your child could add a comment too, even if you don't write your own: visit her blog via the story title.

Red felt nervous, she always did on the night of the Christmas Celebration. Would her secret be revealed? Would Santa take away her role? Besides the fact Red was an undercover elf she was the same as any other child- normal. A strange feeling built up inside her as soon as she set off towards the teleporter; which was disguised as a postbox! When she arrived she switched on her GPS so Santa could track her. Even though the North-Pole was 6800 kilometers away it only took a few nano-seconds. She opened the postbox and teleported directly to the North-Pole…

For our technology experts, it's still not too late to submit your application to be one of our first Digital Leaders in 2015. Follow the link to the post for the online questionnaire.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Fantastic Friday!

Scenes from the day. Thankyou to all of the adults who gave their time to provide such a range of fantastic opportunities for the children.