Thursday, 30 June 2016

Disco Divas!!

As we speak the disco is in full swing and we are witnessing some very 'interesting' dance moves - quite impressive!!

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Transition Play

Yesterday our Year 3s walked down to Merrow to meet with the Year 2s.  We started in the hall where Bushy children answered lots of interesting questions about what it is like in our school.    They then had a lovely play together on the playground and used the new equipment.

A great way to start our transition process and for the Merrow children to feel more at ease about their move to us in September.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Summer Success

Thank you all for supporting the school at year another successful summer fair - and the rain stayed away till the last minute (literally!).

More pictures and information to follow...

Have a lovely weekend!

This Week's Stars!!

Congratulations to you all!

and to Emily and Manon 

This Week's Stars!!

Congratulations to you all!

The sun is out (just about!) .. time for the Summer Fair ...

“Have you bought your raffle tickets yet?  If you haven’t, do remember to visit the Raffle stall at tonight’s fair.

Thank you to both the London transport museum and Silverado in Swan Lane, Guildford, for their recent donations.”

Biking boys!

Well done to Jayden, Ripley and Toby who rode 45 miles last Sunday!  What a long way - bet their legs ached!!

Wind in the Willows

What a wonderful performance we had yesterday.  A lovely way to showcase the talents of our children and so good to see some more quieter members of the school community, participate with enthusiasm.

Thank you to you all and to Mrs Friend Smith and Mrs Paladi-Kovacs.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Maths Workshop

We had a very successful workshop this morning, at which parents learnt about the new curriculum and a focus on problem solving  The children loved having their parents in class - not sure who was helping who??!

Plant evolution

Our Year 3s are having great fun learning about different plants and their evolution.

Roman Times

Myself and Year 3 were treated to a tour around Roman Britain (in the Year 4 classes!) yesterday and saw their marvellous projects.  We were so impressed with the effort and standard of all of them. Here are some examples: