Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Future Olympic stars!

Last weekend a group of keen athletes competed at Lee Valley along with around 300 other children.  Our team consisted of Martha, Imogen, Aimee and Eloise for the Yr 5s and Harry, Harrison and Elsa for the Yr 3s.

The children did us very proud. They were focused and well-behaved. They cheered each other on and supported each other when the result weren't as good as they hoped. 

We had some really great results: Martha won her 60m heat is a superb time of 9.81, Imogen had the second fastest time in the 600m, Elsa came 2nd in the long jump. 

The format of the event is a Minithon so the children took part in 3 events - points were awarded for each event. The first 10 children in each year group were awarded a gold medal, the next 10 got silver and everyone else got gold. 

All the year 3s achieved a Gold medal. For the year 5s Martha got a Silver and the rest were Bronze.

Fireworks Extravaganza Tomorrow!

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Congratulations to our first Head Teacher Award winners of this year

Fantastic reasons given - you should be very proud!

Sports Teams!


Cross Country:

Last Week's Stars!

Introducing our Sports Crew!

This morning, we went to the Spectrum to participate in Team leading activities.  These included; loop de loop, parachute game and pipelines.

We did a mini mile which included slalom poles and hurdles and we had to see how many laps we could do in 2 minutes.

Using a selection of words, we had to decide what was the most important qualities of a team leader.  We put 'encouraging others' at the top.

We are looking forward to being part of the Sports Crew at Bushy Hill.           Lottie and Cici (Year 6)

Synagogue visit

Last Friday, we went to the Synagogue in Weybridge.  First we spotted key Jewish symbols outside the building - for example the Mezuzah and the Star of David.

When we went inside, we saw the 10 Commandments and had a go at guessing them - it was quite tricky!

Then we discussed what Jews can and cannot eat and what they have at Jewish celebrations.  We learnt that they also have special candles at these special occasions.

Children were chosen to wear a tallit to take the Torah out of the Ark.

We learnt what the symbols on the side of the Ark stood for and discussed the 'Eternal Light'.  If the Torah is not in the Ark, the Eternal Light is off.

In our groups, we blew a ram's horn, drawing artefacts and wearing tallits and kippahs - the Torah was a bit too difficult for us to read!

We learnt lots and had a really fun trip!                                             Owen and Annabel (Year 4)

Art Masterclass!

A lady came in last week to teach us how to use watercolours properly.  She showed us how to make lighter/darker colours and how to blend them. 

We learnt that big brushes work just as well as smaller ones.

During the lesson she showed us a picture she had completed and she painted a view of Newlands Corner (Winter's scene) whilst she was teaching us!

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Harvest - Visit to the lunch club

Yesterday a group of Year 6s visited the Lunch Club at the Methodist Church to present them with a Harvest parcel.  The children thoroughly enjoyed talking to the members and listening to their stories.  They were astonished to discover that there was a 100 and a 101 year old there!

Friday, 5 October 2018

Minibus' last journey!

Our Year 5/6 Football team played against Guildford Grove yesterday and were the lucky few to go in the minibus for the last time!

Harvest 2018

Rapping Scarecrows, Mary Berry and a catwalk all featured in this morning's Harvest celebration!  Both assemblies were excellent - the singing loud and lines read clearly and confidently.

Thank you for all the donations.  These will be very gratefully received.