Sunday, 7 December 2014

100 Word Challenge

For children who enjoy writing, or those who want to enjoy it more than they do, the 100 Word Challenge may be for you. The 100wc is a creative writing challenge with a new prompt each week: prompts tend to be pictures or phrases.

Here is the latest prompt and a link to the 100wc site:

For the last week we have 5 words. They must all go into your piece but can be in any order. They are:

Challenges can be written on pen and paper, of course, but part of the idea is to write for a wider audience and receive comments from readers. To achieve this, writing can be posted onto a blog; the post could then be linked to the 100wc site, from where the writer will be guaranteed to receive feedback.

If you are interested in (your child) posting to a blog, please contact me at 
I will then send a link to the writers' blog, along with a password. All posts and comments to the blog will be moderated by myself or another member of staff before they appear. I will also comment on the writing of all bloggers.

Alternatively, written (pen and paper) pieces can be handed in to me.

There is no expectation that writing is completed each week; perhaps just in weeks where time allows. However, you can be sure that writing at home regularly, along with receiving feedback from a wider audience, can only help to support progress with writing skills. 

If there is enough interest, the latest 100wc will be posted here every Sunday, with a week to complete it. I will also assist any children - or parents - who need further guidance with blogging.